Gone with the Wind 2014

Media installation with used video tapes at the 8 th International Youth Media Summit
by Wolfgang Richter

Many people were asking me during my work on the installation: What is this for?

Remembering John Cage, one of many answers is: for nothing, because it is free – free of commercial goals, it is just for you to watch the movement of the tapes, to listen to the sound, to meditate.

What is art for?
Art is free, expect it offends human rights. It is able to transport different messages.

Why tapes?
Because this is my contribution to the Media Summit.
I use a material that is getting out of use.
I want to bring up the question
how messages do survive
that they are not fixed forever
that they are vanishing, are gone with the wind.
it is a kind of mobile, playing with wind and sound, with reflections of the sun .
My intervention invites visitors to find their position in / between the five rows in connection with the sky and with the surrounding nearby and the landscape with the mountains far away.
to watch the movement of the tapes in different wind situations,
to come back and watch, how it looks in different times from dawn to dusk.